All Hail the Maker

A Maker is a uniquely wired individual.  If you’re lucky enough to be a Maker, or love one, you’re familiar with my premise.  Speaking from the point of view of a proud Maker, I’ll try to shed some light on the subject.  The deal is, we can make stuff.  We start with nothing and literally produce a thing, giving it life.  That’s right folks…life!  Do you understand the power in that statement?  I’m not trying to overstate it as I work on downplaying my tendency towards melodrama, but dude, that’s straight up the stuff of the Divine.  


  • Beware of fragile egos.  They can be dangerous landmines.
  • Whisper in the Maker's ear that they’re genius.
  • Look the other way when the Maker builds a blanket fort
  • Listen as the Maker carries on about the color in the clouds
  • Be understanding when the Maker hoards a million buttons in tins, or whatever the old thing may be.
  • Give the Maker a childhood toy 
  • Please understand that you can never have too many art supplies.
  • Give the Maker slippers and other comfies for snuggling
  • Provide a journal to record inspiration.   Sometimes it comes hard and fast in their sleep
  • Learn to live with the mess
  • Behold the beauty
  • There are days when their fears will take a firm grip.  Simply hold the Maker tight.
  • Tell the Maker their work is great
  • Help the Maker put up the craft fair tent
  • Make weights for the tent in case of bad weather
  • Encourage meditation, yoga, and naps
  • Watch for signs of the Divine
  • Open your eyes to the magic that’s transpiring all around you

 All of this especially applies if the Maker you love is…YOU.

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