I’ll never forget it.  I was sitting in traffic, waiting to cross the Ohio River from Kentucky to Cincinnati.  After enjoying a wonderful trip to view the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, our family was eager to get home.  And BLAMO! POW! just like that, the idea hit me with a jolt.  I asked my husband to quickly find me a pencil and something onto which I could draw my idea.  Sure, I was driving but we were sitting still in heavy traffic and I wasn’t about to let this inspiration get away. I saw the whole thing: the wood panels, the colors I would use, and even their arrangement in pyramid formation.  In that moment the HALLOWEEN BUNDLE was born.  This is how ideas come to me and I’ve learned that it’s my job to honor them.  Muses never sleep.


So I got home and started working right away, designing these 7 panels.  Of course I already had the alphabets in place but now I had to design the seasonal pieces.  I decided to go with some spooky Halloween classics: jack-o-lantern, ghost, frightened black cat and Frankenstein Monster.  For the palette I chose the classics black, white and orange but added kiwi green, fern green, and deep lavender which have been trending in recent years.  Together they create a striking palette and would enhance any autumnal decor.  This is the finished product and it came out exactly as I envisioned.  Gosh, how I love when that happens.  Order yours here on this site to start creating a Halloween Bundle of your very own.  You and your family are sure to love it!  Enjoy.

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