Imperative Identity

I knew that there was an imperative need to create an identity for That Art Girl and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I couldn’t figure out why it was so crucial for me to find her voice but I had a pervasive feeling that wouldn’t leave me.  The good news is although the feeling was uncomfortable, It didn’t stop me from moving forward with my creative plans.  Thankfully, that seems to be my M.O. these days: feel the fear, sniff the Valor oil and do it anyway...full speed ahead.  A competent designer had my drawing in her capable hands and I was awaiting her interpretation of my logo.  In the meantime, I sat down to lunch with my friend who happens to be a certified Professional Coach.  These are the benefits I can enjoy from a near 30-year-friendship.  She was ready to depart after the 1.5 hour mark but I wasn’t about to let her go.  We talked about a million things during our time together.  When she asked me to list the core values of That Art Girl, I gave a very convoluted answer in the form of a story.  The next morning I attempted to answer her question in my journal.  I came up with a solid list of Core Values for That Art Girl. Her question prompted a sense of clarity within myself.  In truth, That Art Girl represents my inner child/artist.  She is a young girl who was neglected by the adults trusted with her care.  When I became an adult myself, I mindlessly followed suit and treated her in the exact same fashion.  It’s important to me that I re-establish her identity as part of her recovery process.  Now that I’m an older version of her and I’m better equipped, I can take action to make things right.  

So here is the list of Core Values for That Art Girl. She is:







I also want to include the word vitality here. She has a lust for life.  Gusto, moxie.

The adult in me, through education and life experience has developed a real appreciation for That Area Girl’s gifts.  Together we can help other people get in touch with their slumbering creativity.  It’s a worthwhile rescue mission that we can undertake as a team.

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