Yesterday I wrote about offering assistance to those who feel like they want to paint but have trouble doing so.  I see these panels as a BOOST, a segway to help people tap into their creative side.  Over the years, I’ve gotten a myriad of reactions when I offer up a statement like that:

REACTION #1: “Ho, Ho, Ho!  That’s all very nice but I don’t consider myself creative AT ALL.  I mean it.  I can’t even draw a stick figure.”(I’m starting to see this reaction in younger and younger people, btw)

RESPONSE #1: “I believe that everyone is creative in their own way.  It also sounds like somewhere along the line, a person of authority told you that you weren’t creative.  And you did what any good, obedient kid would do—you listened and obeyed.  And by doing so, you buried a valid part of yourself.

REACTION #2: With a wistful, longing look, “I used to paint when I was young.  I think I was even pretty good.”  Quick Shift: “But that was so long ago that I don’t think I could do it anymore.”

RESPONSE #2: “Creativity is a muscle that benefits from practice.  The good news is it has muscle memory as well.  You can bring back the creative flow with some persistence.  I like the DIY panels because the composition has been laid out for you.  Sometimes choosing the subject matter is the hardest place to start.”

REACTION #3: I wish I had paid better attention in art class.  Now that I’m retired, I wish I could paint.”

RESPONSE #3: “I’m sincere when I say that it’s never too late to learn.  Making art is a goal you can achieve at any age.  These DIY panels are a friendly way to start.  Sometimes it can be intimidating to stare at a blank canvas.  THATARTGIRL also serves as your Creative Coach, helping you with educational videos on a You Tube Channel of the same name.

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