Jellyfish and Me

I'm really into jellyfish lately.  When I find myself fascinated with an object or animal, I usually follow the muse to see where it leads me.  Sometimes I'll try to paint it, or I try to keep it around in some way and eventually I may do a little research about it.  So this week, with my mind and my attention on the dancing floaties, I decided to look more into these jellyfish.  After my reading, I do declare the jellyfish to be my spirit animal so it promises to teach me to bring balance into my life.  It further advises its followers to follow nature and observe all its rules.  Jellyfish is a symbol of love, so if it appears in your life, it means you should trust your heart and follow your own emotions.  It is also a symbol of acceptance and balance.  Jellyfish is ready to accept life and it always finds a way to survive.  If jellyfish appears in your life, it means that you should believe more in your instinct and powers.  Oh man, you have no idea!  You are right on time, Mr. Jellyfish.  SOURCE:

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