Last Day in the Chair

My husband happened to be out with my girlfriends that night.  Usually we don’t include boys in our outings but as it was the eve of his last chemo treatment, I decided to invite him along.  We were nearing the end of a long four months where Ron went through chemotherapy for his Leukemia diagnosis.  As we left, he nudged me a bit and said, “Hey you know what?  That was a pretty good idea.  Especially if you add a video component to teach people how to paint. Like a new Bob Ross”  


I nodded and said, “I think you’re right.”  Designing a series of paint-your own wood panels WAS a good idea and for a number of reasons.  First of all, it was a perfect culmination of my whole life’s work.  I’ve been trained as a professional artist and educator.  I’ve spent the past four years running my own business and learned a great deal from that experience. I sat by Ron’s side during his last day in the chair as I mapped out the plan for THATARTGIRL on my laptop.  I knew I had to appeal to the people that loved the idea of making art but had reservations for meeting their goals.  Maybe they are blocked creatives.  Maybe they haven’t revisited a creative pursuit since childhood because they felt like their work wasn’t very good.  Whatever the reason, I had a longing to create a product line to help everyone find the creative part of themselves, so here we go….


I ask that you leave your doubts and fears behind and approach every project with an open heart.  I’d like to let you in on a little secret: Artists are not exempt from making mistakes.  In fact, we make what one might refer to as a mistake on a regular basis.  This does not deter the person who has a deep-rooted desire to create.  Those of us in that category see a misfire as an opportunity for a number of things.  We make see it as a learning opportunity to perfect a technique, a flag for us to try something new, or best of all, it can be a chance to turn into something else entirely, and in many cases that end result is more beautiful than imagined.  There is a children’s book about this phenomenon called “The Beautiful Oops” by Barney Saltzberg.


This series is meant for any age, for anyone with a desire to create.  It is my powerful belief that we are all Creators.  Let’s face it.  We are created in the image of God, who of course is the Ultimate Creator.  In today’s day and age, artists are encouraged to step away from their brilliance in the interest of fitting in to society.  I truly believe that if more people did what they were truly meant (dare I say “created”) to do, then the world would be a much happier place.  


  • YOUNG PEOPLE: I love to encourage young people to follow their muse to create.  That’s why I became a certified art teacher.  I love their enthusiasm and willingness to try new things.  This series will help budding artists learn color-theory, painting techniques and how to create variety and interest in their work.  It’s my hope to plant a seed that they can carry with them their whole lives.
  • RETIRED: People work hard all their lives in their career.  Upon reaching retirement, it it often the case that they want to pursue a creative endeavor, be it traveling to see great works of art or creating something of their own.  Now that they finally have the time to do what they’ve always wanted, it is often the case that they don’t know how to get started.  Or maybe they don’t remember how to begin.  Recently I’ve seen close hand two women that lost their husbands and had absolutely no idea of what to do with their time.  Painting is a wonderful brain-energizing activity that helps maintain cognition, hand-eye coordination and stimulate imagination.
  • DIY’ers: You love to try stuff on your own, especially when it comes to home improvement.  You live on Pinterest and other forms of Social Media.  You tell yourself that you can do a lot of the work that you see out there.  You are absolutely correct.  You can do it yourself.  Each panel in the series comes with a array of color variations from the same composition so you can make it uniquely your own.  Or better yet, you can produce your own Andy Warhol of any given composition and make a wall-full of them.  Your choice.  And your very own Personal Art Coach is here to help you achieve your vision!

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