We’ve all seen various designs on the word LOVE.  The word alone immediately calls to mind Robert Indiana’s famous statue.  Even though it’s been done before, I still think the sentiment is worth exploring.  Love makes the world go round, right?  Good for us there are all kinds of things that we love.  My mind started wandering in several directions as I planned this series.  I call them DIY Unpainted Wood Panel Love Quads.  The thought is that we can have choices in a variety of categories, including but not limited to Nature, States, Pass-times and hobbies, and Technology.  So far I have one design in each category and I can’t wait to develop more.  When you look at the list below, the first item listed is the item I have in inventory.  The remainder of the items in each category will be added as time progresses.  

LOVE QUADS: Nature. So far, we have a sunflower.  Coming soon are earth, flowers, trees, animals

LOVE QUADS: States. There is so much pride we take in Michigan, my home state. Next will be New Jersey since we lived there for the bulk of our marriage.  Look for the remaining 48 states, coming soon.

LOVE QUADS: Pass-times.  First and foremost, we have a palette since that’s what That Art Girl site is all about.  I imagine that this is where people will have tons of requests and ideas for other designs.  I can picture an ice skate, music note, and countless others.  Remember on the Etsy site ( there is a place that takes special orders.  This would be a great place to submit it if you have one.

LOVE QUADS: Technology.  Right now, we’ve got our cute little robot.  The thing that makes me laugh about him is that although he is yet to be realized through actual invention, he has a retro look about him in terms of technology.  I wonder if all of my technology will look retro when I try to be cutting edge?  I certainly do run that risk.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’m open to hearing them.  I’ll entertain any idea, so feel free to enter your thoughts in the comments below.  Happy Painting!

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