Midwesterner in the Desert

I took a big leap and joined an on-line community of Creative Entrepreneurs in May, 2018.  I had a concept in development for months. Although it recently went into production, I had very few sales under my belt.  Regardless, I was confident enough in myself and my idea to sign up for membership in Flourish.  I joined for two reasons: 

  1. I strive to learn from smart people how they grew their idea into a thriving business. 
  2. I desire a connect with more people like me.  

It only took a short time to commit to the conference.  Even though pretty new, I could detect that something good was brewing in Vegas. A long-time sufferer of miss-a-fun-a-phobia (self-diagnosed), I had to get in on the action.  

I was totally right in my decision to head to the desert from Detroit.  Have you ever been in a space with people who are just like you? Not carbon copies of course as we weren’t alike in every possible way.  I was lucky enough to meet all sorts of people from different parts of the U.S. and beyond.  I partied with members of the 6-figure sellers group, even though my sales aren’t even in the same ballpark.   I met Grandmothers with wisdom etched around their eyes and new moms holding tiny sleeping babies.  I beheld a beautiful goddess with flowing pink hair, and witnessed a stately admin spray paint into her own to get into the spirit.  Two sisters are bitterly divided on how to pronounce French words in their respective state, but they work together on their business and love each other fiercely.  

We came from different locales, in all shapes and sizes, income brackets and age ranges.  The untrained eye might be hard-pressed to detect a common thread in the crowd.  A true observer, on the other hand, could not help but see how these people understood each other on a deep level.  Just like anything worthwhile, it was all about the love: for each other, for self, and for our craft.  For we are Makers.  There is power in that and it's nothing short of magic.

What’s more, in places where we felt the love for each other, I have a hunch that we deepened the love for ourselves a bit more.

Personally, I always go through life wondering where to find my tribe. This is a concise way to nail an intangible emotion that comes when you gather with people who are like you.  It’s one of my Top Two reasons for Joining Flourish; If you're a Maker and looking for your tribe, start here.

For information on joining the Flourish Community, please visit www.artisanindie.com.  Go Team Flourish!

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