Not Just for Paint Anymore....

I recently joined the online group called "Flourish", which is an awesome service designed to support on-line creative businesses.  If you've ever seen their posts on FB and considered joining, I highly recommend it.  In the short time I've been a member, I've learned bunches about how to build and market my business.  The admins also offer coaching calls at an additional fee, where they can specifically look at your product line and make suggestions on how to bring it forth into the world.  On a call with Sarah, the Founder, she made a suggestion that opened my product line wide open, not to mention my imagination. She had a thought that my NicheBoards would be a wonderful upscale project to offer at a Kids' Table, say at a wedding or baby shower.  It got me thinking that while it was a great idea, I could picture parents cringing at the idea of their little ones, all dressed up for a special occasion, getting messed up with a painting project.  Since I was compelled by the Kids' Table idea, I was motivated to find other media that worked well with my product.  Much to my surprise, I had wonderful results with both markers and colored pencils.  The pencils have turned out to be my favorite medium, next to painting of course to bring a NicheBoard to life.  I am an admitted art supply hoarder and collector.  I love upscale pencils like Prismacolor.  And while they produce the very best results, it's not necessary to purchase top-of-the-line pencils to make a beautiful piece of art.  In fact, I've created a good many of my samples with Crayola Pencils, which I'm happy are offered at an accessible price point for almost everyone.  The pack of 64 pencils, that took remarkably like its sister crayon pack, are reasonably priced at $6.99 at your local Target and it even includes its own built-in sharpener. An artist can create a good number of boards with one single pack, as it includes a nice variety of hues.  It's my number one suggestion for party packs and are perfect for any special occasion.

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