Squeals in the Bubble

While at the Flourish Fusion Conference, it was kind of like we were in a bubble —a short sweet, too-brief-of-a-bubble where we were surrounded with like-minded people who delighted in all we did.  Take Misty for instance.  She is a sweet mother of eight (you read that right) that I met on the first day.  I knew she was nice when I met her, but I failed to realize the staggering genius that was in our presence until lunch on actual Conference Day.  It was then she revealed her product and her ingenuity secret was unleashed for all to see.  The reactions were squeals, clutching of hearts and jubilant clapping of hands  over her vinyl luggage tags.You heard me right…bag tags made of vinyl.’

But her offering goes way beyond mere luggage tags.  Her designs bear the cutest little embroidered illustrations to announce the allergy or condition of the bearer.  This is especially crucial if the person is unconscious and able to speak for themselves.  Genius.  Inspired.  We were thrilled for her.  When I say we were squealing, I’m not overstating that one bit.  Right there was a prime example of life in the bubble : where one can pull out a vinyl bagtag at lunch and only to be met with sincere jubilation.  It’s because we all recognized the sheer genius of it, the need that it fills and its massive marketing potential  I literally sat there and wondered if anyone in the outside world would appreciate the tags as much as us, or lift Misty on their shoulders for bravely creating them.  Of course people will buy them; I have zero doubt about that.  But will people applaud them for their true genius quality?  Sadly, I have to say no.  I think that reaction is exclusively found in the bubble.

Hurry, now.  Go get your tags for you or someone you love at www.medicabagtags.com

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