State of Mind.....Michigan Style


My son started school the day after we got back from our Eclipse Trip.  We were being proactive by getting our reservations in Kentucky (longest point of duration on the path of totality) before most people even thought about the eclipse.  That’s the benefit of traveling with a Cub Scout Leader and star aficionado—-they turn you on to all the cool astrological events before they enter most people’s consciousness.  As we launched into summer, we received the calendar for the new school year and as luck would have it, my son’s school started before Labor Day for the first time in…forever.  We cut our pre-arranged trip one day short and got him off to school.  No small feat.  Day Three of School was cancelled due to flooding in the building.  We had a lot of rain one night.  It happened to coincide with the timing of Hurricane Harvey but ironically we didn’t get the effects of that storm here in Michigan.  It was a different system altogether.  All this was happening as I’ve been working on the nuts and bolts of launching my THATARTGIRL website.  There are many parts to doing so, from designing wooden panels, painting samples so customers can get a little inspiration, filming videos to teach technique, and inputting product information into the site’s database.  It means I wear a lot of hats, which is great because I love using all of my talents.  The thing I find hardest to remember is that I should wear make-up for videos.  In the beginning I was more vigilant about looking my best on camera but I’ve been a bit lax of late since I’ve been juggling a lot of roles.  Viewers, I promise to do better here.  We all deserve that!  As I was driving my son to school today an amazing idea hit my like a lightening bolt.  I’m so fortunate that I get ideas in this fashion and I’m happy to oblige them when they come to me.  I’ve been intending to produce a line of State Panels.  I’ve seen lots of cute designs where artists create an “I ❤️ (INSERT STATE NAME HERE) “ piece to show off their state pride. We Michiganders love our state and I for one have zero hesitations announcing it to the world.  This morning, however, I got a brain child (thank you, Muses!) that takes it to even the next level.  I will produce a 9x12’ state panel with an additional sheet of images that can be transferred onto the panel.  It will include a star for our capital, cherries, major university logos, a line drawing of the mackinaw bridge, team logos, etc.  Included in the transfer kit will be a small piece of transfer paper with instruction on how to transfer the desired image (s) onto the panel.  GENIUS!  Off to the drawing board now.  Literally…..


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