Have you ever been to Graceland?  It’s been on my Bucket List for a long time and this summer I finally got the chance to go!  As part of our 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Trip, we planned an excursion to the home of the King.  I do have to admit that it wasn’t very close—-four hours away to be exact—-but I figured I’d probably never be that close again so we added it to our ACTIVITY LIST.  If you’ve ever had the chance to tour the house, you would know that:
A. It is super 1970’s in its decor

B. That makes perfect sense because the King died, you guessed it, in the 70’s!


The house was not a giant McMansion as one might assume to see today but it was incredibly interesting to learn about the man behind the music.  I mean, who else in the US has a following like Elvis?  


The basement was probably my favorite part of the house proper. There was Holly Hobby-ish fabric gathered on the walls and on the ceiling of the room that housed the pool table.  There were dingy arms on the chairs in that room as well.  I can almost picture the Memphis Mafia hanging out with the King, all hours of the night, smoking (EVERYONE did it in the 70’s!) and carousing.  Across the way from that room, there was Elvis’ general entertainment hub, complete with three tv’s that ran simultaneously and a sweet bar.  That room was painted yellow and navy blue.  Painted on the wall was his motto “TCB” plus a lightening bolt.  That stands for “Taking Care of Business in a Flash.”  


I painted this homage to Elvis by using three 4x6” single letter wood panels.  I picked up the exact color scheme as he used in his Basement Hub.  As is the case with all of these panels, you can customize them as you like.  For this bundle, I deleted the border (by painting over it) and I added a lightening bolt and cloud formation that I borrowed from the Graceland Basement (by drawing it in with a pencil and ruler).  


I think this little collection would make the King proud.  I like to show my respect visually rather than just talking about it …..or as Elvis would say, “A little less conversation, a little more action!”

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