The Thing About Sloths

“It’s a thing”. 

I hear that expression a lot these days.  Like on Facebook, someone will post a picture of themselves with a wild new hair color and the text will read, “So I did a thing....”

When I design Coloring Boards, sometimes I design from my gut and sometimes I look for “the next big thing”, a trend that will be sure to catch a kid’s eye.  This year, believe it or not, “the thing” that will catch a kid’s eye is none other than A SLOTH.


Really?  I can hear my Mother’s skeptical tone ringing in my ears as I consider this critter.  Why would anyone be attracted to a sloth?  They’re not very pretty ( a very important quality in Mom’s mind) and they’re not especially peppy (The early bird catches the worm!). So what’s the big deal with sloths, and why in heaven’s name are they suddenly predicted to be “A THING?”

The title of a Bustle article says it loud and clear: “Sloths Will Replace Unicorns As The “It” Animal In 2019, According To Etsy's Trend Predictions”

“Well, it’s finally happened — unicorns have been unseated as the internet’s favorite animal. Or at least, that’s what Etsy thinks: Etsy’s 2019 trend report has just been released, and according to the handmade and vintage goods online marketplace’s predictions, sloths are the new unicorns. “Shoppers and Etsy sellers alike have gravitated to the laid-back demeanor of the sloth, a real-life representation of the carefree lifestyle many of us strive for every day,” observes the site. “Frankly, we could all use a little more sloth-like hanging around.” And how!”

Beyond their popularity, what can we say about a sloth's personality?  I've never thought that calling someone a sloth was a complement.  Here's what pets on says:  The slowest mammals in existence, they can walk on the ground but only with extremely awkward and unwieldy movements. They’re much better swimmers. Some of their adaptations differ slightly, but both sloth families -- two-toed and three-toed -- are uniquely suited to their slow-paced, arboreal lives

Just as I thought. Awkward walker.  Slowest moving animal on earth.  These are not qualities I generally subscribe to in my life.  The only thing I can say is the more I look at the sloth, the more attracted I am to it.  You really can't deny the CUTENESS of the thing.  I mean, that little smile?  Come on!  Maybe I can get on board with this SLOTH THING.  I especially like that I’m hearing this news in January, which is a sloth-like time of year for me.  The holidays are over and I’m comfortable with a slower pace to get to my destination.  It’s all about self-care for me the first quarter of this new year.  Rest.  Light exercise.  Healthy food. All with a little smile. I’m taking it slow, and I’m taking it all in.  My own pace.


I’ve added a new sloth to the collection, not just because I like that it’s “a thing” to watch, but I guess I also dig his politics.  Way to go, Earthy Sloth!  I hope the kids (and big kids too) like your style!

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