Close up LOVE Quad NicheBoard Planet Earth
LOVE Quad Planet Earth NicheBoard on colored pencil background
Unfinished LOVE Quad Planet Earth NicheBoard color or paint yourself
Finished Sample LOVE Quad Planet Earth NicheBoard painted
Unfinished NicheBoard LOVE Quad Planet Earth Paint or color it your own way
Free standing finished sample LOVE Quad Planet Earth NicheBoard painted with paint
LOVE Quad NicheBoard Group of 4 Warhol style
unfinished free standing LOVE quad planet earth niche board on patterned base
unfinished love quad planet earth flat with label

Coloring Board "Love Quad Planet Earth" Mystic Themed | 6” x 6” Wooden Board or Kit

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A fun and easy way to make a work of art. With a line drawing printed onto wooden board as the jumpstart, all you need to bring is your natural sense of creativity.  No need to buy a frame, this 6x6" sturdy wooden board can be hung or stood on a shelf when completed.  I call it the next generation of coloring pages.

Who do you love? This 6x6" wooden Coloring Board is divided into quads.  The quads spell out L-O-V-E; only the "O" has been replaced with an outline of our beloved planet Earth.

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The finished sample is offered as a mere example of what you can do on your own.  If you would prefer a finished version of this piece, it can be purchased on this site as well.