Mary Lou AKA That Art Girl.....with a BFA and K-12 Certificate in Art Education, I have spent most of my life creating art.  Not only do I know how to produce, I know how to guide others in creating art. Some things I’ve noticed along the way: kids are creatively fearless. Older people are more dubious. I developed this line because I believe everyone is a Creative Being. We all benefit from tapping into our artistic side. You can call upon me, your Creative Coach to help you along the way. Check out my set of video tutorials that provide demonstrations and techniques to enhance the process even more.

I've been compelled to begin an undertaking of this type for a good long time.  I'm really thrilled and honored to be a part of your Creative Journey.

Here is the list of Core Values for That Art Girl. She is:







I also want to include the word vitality here. She has a lust for life.  Gusto, moxie.  Mostly, she is that inner creative being that just wants to paint and play.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.

The adult in me, through education and life experience has developed a real appreciation for That Art Girl’s gifts.  Together we can help other people get in touch with their creativity, be it slumbering or in full flow.  It’s a worthwhile rescue mission that we can undertake as a team.

Glad you're here.