Creativity Bus NicheBoard painted finished peach, blue, green
Creativity Bus NicheBoard standing finished painted

Paint and Color Creativity Bus Artsy Themed Wooden Coloring Board | 6” x 6”

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On Board the Creativity Bus!  This little cutie is based on a classic van whose entire surface is adorned with happy hippy daisies and a single peace sign.  This NicheBoard can be painted as a vibrant and jubilant reminder to be true to our creativity.  Making a great gift for an artsy friend or momento for yourself, climb aboard the bus to get happy!

This listing is for a non-painted NicheBoard printed with a line drawing, meant to be painted by you.  As with all these pieces, you can add detail or choose to take it away, simply by painting over it.  The sturdy wooden board happily accepts flowing acrylic paint, but also enjoy marker, paper mosaic, and colored pencil.  There is no limitation on how far you can take this little gem.  You can tune into my You Tube Channel for more ideas and inspiration but really, this little piece is awaiting you to stamp it with your own personal style.  It can either be hung, free-standing on any surface, placed in a grouping or as a single showpiece.  How you want to express your vision is entirely up to you...and through my on-line tutorials I can help you get there!

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The finished sample is offered as a mere example of what you can do on your own.  If you would prefer a finished version of this piece, it can be purchased on this site as well.