Close-up Sun and Moon NicheBoard in progress artist working with colored pencil
Close up showing corner Sun Moon NicheBoard artist working in colored pencil
Finished Sun Moon Board with two other finished colored pencil
Unfinished Sun Moon NicheBoard flat on patterned background ready to be painted or colored
Unfinished Sun Moon NicheBoard with label flat
Unfinished Sun Moon NicheBoard freestanding on angle showing depth of product

Coloring Board "Sun and Moon" Celestial | 6” x 6” Wooden Board or Kit

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A fun and easy way to make a work of art. With a line drawing printed onto wooden board as the jumpstart, all you need to bring is your natural sense of creativity.  No need to buy a frame, this 6x6" sturdy wooden board can be hung or stood on a shelf when completed.  I call it the next generation of coloring pages.

To me, you are the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

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