Detail Our Lady Queen of Saints Niche Board
Unfinished Our Lady Queen of Saints 9x12" NicheBoard
Detail of Mary's feet with asp
Detail of Mary's hand Our Lady Queen of Saints
Detail of type Our Lady Queen of Saints Board

Paint and Color Mary Queen of Saints Themed Wooden Coloring Board | 9” x 12”

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A fun and easy way to make a work of art. With a line drawing printed onto wooden board as the jumpstart, all you need to bring is your natural sense of creativity.  No need to buy a frame, this 9x12" sturdy wooden board can be hung or stood on a shelf when completed.  I call it the next generation of coloring pages.

We know Mary the Mother of Jesus by many titles: Blessed Mother, Madonna, Our Lady of Victory, and of course, Our Lady of Sorrows.  Mary is also known as The Queen of Saints in heaven.  

In all created beings, in angels or men, Mary is above them all.  She is the most holy of created beings.  Since she is the Mother of God, she is the Queen of All Saints.  The prime meaning of the title proclaims Her personal holiness.  The secondary meaning of the title has a special interest for us.  All the Saints in heaven regard Her and honor Her as their Queen.

Mary is an example of perfection, but sheís not an inaccessible icon, sitting on a remote throne far away.  As Queen of Saints, she opens her arms wide, embracing a group of fallen humans who keep trying.î